How to get the most of your Photos and Videos

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

You are one of the smart people on this planet who knows, that even though uncle Joe has a new camera, you do need a professional to cover your unique, no-do-overs day!

So here are a few tips to get the most out of your so worth it investment

Choose your timing carefully

If you are in love with soft, bright and natural images that look flawless, then you need to think about light. The most natural light your Event has, the more beautiful pictures you can get. We suggest doing the ceremony 3 hours previous sunset , this means you can start your reception with a little bit of daylight, Pretty soon it will be dark and everyone will be dancing the night away!

Here's a great page to check out sunset hours in Cancun:

Remember it's all about the details

Brides and grooms also, please groom yourselves as most as you can! We will be doing close ups of your hands (putting the ring) of your feet (putting on your shoes) of your faces, smiles, etc.

A pedi and mani go a long way on your special day, for both of you! Also, some teeth whitening before the wedding makes you look five years younger besides getting a great, bright smile!

Attitude first, second and last

#CancunDestinationWeddings are so popular because they are FUN. All your guests are on vacation, everyone is surrounded by an amazing view, the ocean, hotel services and food make everyone happy. The key word for most wedding weekends is relax. Relax and enjoy your weekend, you will be surprise how fast it goes by. That it's why is so important to have the best team #LoveCancunWeddings capture those special and fleeting moments and make them last a lifetime.

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