10 mini essential to bring!

You have decided on a fabulous #CancunDestinationWedding the day is almost here, you are packing like crazy, only keeping in mind the big stuff like the dress, the shoes, the groom :-)

But once the day arrives, you are in your room getting ready and panic strikes. One of the bridesmaids dresses gets torn. You don't have anything to secure the veil with, you need to cut off those awful all-inclusive wristband, and the list goes on.

What to do?

Well, here's a simple list to keep in mind, and not forget to pack it along all the big stuff

  1. Band-aids: yes it sounds simple, but if you get blisters thanks to those wonderful and expensive new wedding shoes, they will be a lifesaver!

  2. Safety Pins: they work with anything and everything, a must!

  3. Mending kit: do not forget those needles and threads, preferably in white and in the color of your bridesmaids dresses.

  4. Bobby Pins: you will not believe the high percentage of brides that do not secure their veil because they have none and the hairdresser just left!

  5. Scissors: They are great for cutting those clear clothing straps and opening just about anything. Just don't forget to leave them out of your carry-on!

  6. Stain Remover. A must if you want to protect your gorgeous dress from food, wine, tequila, rum, more tequila, daiquiri, etc

  7. Anti acid/pain reliever: Talking about drinking and dining, it's essential to bring something to protect your tummy, we don't want you sick on your big day

  8. Mini Tissues. Perhaps you will cry during your ceremony, perhaps it will be him. Either way it's always a great idea for your maid of honor to carry some mini-tissues available at all times.

  9. Deodorant Towelettes: Its a tropical paradise down here, with all the exuberance, but also the heat and humidity. So it's a great idea to come prepare with some deodorant wipes to be used at all times during your day.

  10. Water facial spray. Again, it can get pretty hot here, so a little spray here and there, will keep you refreshed all day :-)

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