Some fresh advice for your Destination Wedding

So you've made the big decision to get married in paradise, congratulations! Never have we had a couple that regretted tying the knot at #CancunBeach. here are a few off-the-beaten-road suggestions to make your day, and your pictures & video just perfect!

It's the beach, it's pure air, it's the breeze, in other words: it's windy!

Must of our brides and grooms forget just how windy it can get near the ocean. So brides, for all of you thinking of wearing your hair down, it will look amazing and natura, but it can easily turn into a mess. So if you are not keen on doing an updo, please wear a lot, and we mean a lot, of hair spray so you can have an amazing and controlled "beach hair".

Trial and error are the norm here

So you will probably use the hotel spa services when it comes to hair and makeup. Please, please do buy a trial beforehand. Also make sure that the same person doing your hair/makeup for the trial, will be present the day of the wedding.

It is well worth paying a little bit extra to have a LOT of peace of mind.

Keep in mind this is an adventure

Most couple dream of having their wedding outside, near the bech, or located at a rooftop with a breathtaking view. But we are in Cancun and yes, sometimes it rains a fact that can waterdown your plans. Unless you come with an open mind, knowing it's going to be a great weekend regardless and even though it may pour down, it's usually tropical rain that goes as fast as it comes! So just relax, enjoy and appreciatte all the love that surrounds you.

Arrive the first, leave the last

Doing a wedding outside home requires a lot of organizing, specially when it comes to packing. Last minute or rushed packing can leave behind essentials, like the garter, the veil, those new shoes, the groom's tie etc. So the best thing to not miss anything -beside a lot of long lists- is to arrive a few days early. That way if you left something at home you have time for other guest to pick it up and bring it down here or worse case scenario, go shopping at Cancun city!

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